Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tutorial ~ Make Your Own Rub Ons

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect Rub On! Sometime it is 10:00 at night and all the stores are closed and you have to have a Rub On. What do you do?

Why make your own of course

Supplies Needed:

  1. Transparency paper - I use the Transparency film for ink jets. (Do Not Spend $50 for 5 sheets)

  2. Ink Jet Printer

  3. Popsicle Stick or other burnisher type item (a bone folder works good too)

Step One

Decide what you want to make into a transparency. Open your word processing program (such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect) and create a new document with the items you want to make into rub on's on it. Fill the 8.5x11 sheet up leaving about 1 to 1.5"'s between each image or word.

Step Two
Load your transparency film into your printer so that it will print onto the smooth side of the film.

Step Three

Format your printer settings by selecting print properties. Once there select the "Best Quality", "Mirror" or sometimes called "Word Flip" (doing this flips your words and images so they are facing the direction you need once they are rubbed on) Once this is all done select print.

Step Four

Set it aside and DO NOT TOUCH IT as it will smudge

Step Five

Once dry place the transparency face down (ink side down) and using your Popsicles stick or bone folder rub firmly until the image has been transferred.

Note: once you have used up all the rub on's off this transparency sheet don't throw it away. Recycle it (they can be expensive to keep buying them so by all means reuse) just clean off the sheet with a damp paper towel, let dry and it is ready to re-use.

This is the transparency sheet I made

This is my name, upper left corner rubbed onto my white cardstock.

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Deborah said...

Thanks for posting this Nina. I have to try this once I get the supplies!!!!