Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tutorial ~ Paper Folding - Tea Bag Christmas Tree

During this tutorial we will make a tea folded Christmas Tree to be used on a card front or Scrapbook page or other paper crafting item.

Supplies Needed:

  • 4 pieces of Background & Texture paper cut into squares of the following sizes: 3", 2.5", 2" & 1.5"
  • Bone Folder if you wish (optional)
  • Something to adhere to
  • Adhesive
Step One: Fold all pieces in half on the diagonal, unfold and then fold again in the other diagonal direction and unfold again.

Step Two: Unfold and then fold again in the other diagonal direction and unfold again.This is what you now have. A tent of sorts.

Step Three: Making a point at the center of your B&T paper and smoosh it in to create a near star, as shown in this picture.
Step Four: Bring the folded edges together pushing in the unfolded side edges and press flat.

This is what you should now have for all four size squares.

Step Five: Pull one of the corners up and fold to the inside.Step Six: Pull the second corner up and meet the first at midpoint and fold it in as well. Now do this with all the squares.

Step Seven: Now working with the largest piece and from the bottom to the top of your tree slip the second largest piece onto the first largest piece and so forth. What you end up with is a Christmas Tree. Now you can move the pieces up and down to adjust your tree size. Play with it a bit and then adhere to your project.

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Beverly said...

Thank you for showing this tutorial. Your instructions are very well done.