Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tutorial ~ Stamping - Background Embossing

I've been working on a card for a large swap. It is a Christmas Card Swap and I though since I was doing such a large qty. I could use this opportunity to get some tutorials created. Using this same card I will be posting tutorials in the next few days on a variety of ways to handle outline stamps.

However, this first tutorial is on doing a little known technique called Background Embossing.
Here is an example of the card.

The technique was used on the Ponderosa Pine Frame behind the Poinsettia.

Supplies Needed:
  1. UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) or regular Embossing Powder (I recommend UTEE as you will only need one coat)

  2. Craft Heating Tool

  3. Versa Mark or other Embossing Ink Pad

  4. Paper to be Embossed

  5. Stamp set to Emboss with

  6. Craft Tray (I like to use a small one to powder in and a large one to heat set in)
Click Here to view the Slide Show Tutorial

Step One
Assemble the supplies needed

Step Two
Press your paper that you will be embossing into the Versa Mark Ink Pad & Saturate well.

Step Three
Place into a craft tray and cover with UTEE well. Remove and tap off excess powder. If you are using regular Embossing Powder you will need to heat and add a second coat of Versa Mark and Powder.

Step Four
Using your Craft Heating Tool Heat UTEE until it is well melted and covers paper smoothly.
Step Five
While the UTEE is still wet/hot press your stamp into the hot UTEE and pull it back off again. Being careful as to remove it delicately.

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