Monday, December 17, 2007

Inchie Swap - Group 2

Come play with is a lot of fun and super easy to get done. We only have a few spots left if you are interested.

Make 10 inchies and receive 10 back

Size - 1"x1"

Players - 10

Due date: Please mail out to me no later than January 31st. Hopefully I'll get everything in by the 12th swap them out and back to you by the 14th.

Return postage (same amount it took to send it to me) or $4.60 Priority, in actual postage (no cash please).


1. Nina Perrin
2. Denise Babcock
3. Beth Babcock
4. Debi Hunter
5. Allie Gower
6. Deborah Cariker
7. Rachele Funk

If you were involved in the last swap and you have created items with your inchies please share your artwork.


VanessaVH said...

I am very interested in this swap although I have not participated in one with you before. Would there be a certain theme to follow?

Nina said...

Vanessa - Email me with your email address and I will add you to the swap. No set theme just be creative with the space you have available to you. Nina