Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Future Local Event

The Local open Scrap will be sponsored by Purple Faerie Paper Crafts.

Here is the schedule for the next 2 months:
February - Friday, February 22nd : RSVP by Friday, February 15th
March - Friday, March 28th : RSVP by Friday, March 21st
We are limited to 10 spots as that is how many spaces we have that will sufficiently enable us to scrap. I will need you to RSVP as we will now have FREE Goodie bags filled by Purple Faerie Paper Crafts for each person who attends. Goodie bags are only available to those actually in attendence so if you RSVP and do not show I will not have a goodie bag saved for you. Goodie bags available in February are different than those available in March.

Bring whatever you are working on and plan to order pizza or running to get dinner to bring back. I will be bringing movies for us to watch while we scrap if you choose. We had a ton of fun last time.

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