Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Time Flies!

I look at the blog and realize that my last post was on Saturday. Wow how time flies. I have to admit with the launch of the Web-Group and it being the week prior to the Feb. Newsletter coming out I have been side swiped.

Lets take a moment and review all that is happening right now:

Purple Faerie Web - Group
The Web-Group has launched and is finally ready for anyone who is interested in that type of involvement. It is open to anyone who is a Paper Crafter or Paper Artist. It is tied to the Purple Faerie endeavors due to my involvement and our goal here at Purple Faerie to reach out to the Paper Crafters/Artists specifically. You can sign up by clicking on the link on the left bar of the blog or go to: On the Web-Group we have a few trains loading up. A train is a package of specific items that gets sent out to who ever signs up to receive them, that person then can take any amount of items out of the package but has to put the same qty/value of items back into the package. They then mail the package onto the next person on the list. Shipping labels accompany each train. We have a Paperware Train that just left home base yesterday. It was full of paper products. We have a Sticker Train nearly full, a Bling Train also nearly full and a Tools of the Trade train. I've had lots of questions about the Tools of the Trade train and this train has on it some markers, colored staples, sponge brayer refill, piercing tool placement tool, some Consultant items like stickers for businesses etc. Starting today is a Bingo Game. I will have the Bingo Game on the Blog as well so see details on a later post.

A few new products have been released onto the Web-Store. To get to the store you can click on this link: New to the store are some ATC blanks, ATC 9 pocket (PVC Free) binder pages and a bit o' bling. ATC Sleeves & Stamp Sets will be released in 2 weeks. I can't wait to share the stamps with you. Soon the Newsletter will be released (Feb 1st) and a whole new selection of Challenge Projects will be available for you to see on the Store website. If you want to receive the newsletter via email you can sign up via the button option to the left of this post.

Tomorrow ends the Blog Candy window of opportunity. So if you have not entered do so soon. Friday evening my kids and I will be drawing from this super full bucket of names for the Candy Winner! I will be starting the PF Bingo Game on the blog and on the Web-Group. Yes, there is a Prize for the winner. I'll post about that later today. I'm working on another tutorial but I probably won't have that out for you until I get the newsletter out.

Local Events
Friday, January 25th there is a local Open Free Scrap happening. If you are interested in joining us I do need an RSVP as the Web-Store is hosting it and there will be product Goodie Bags for everyone attending. Also I've set up a schedule to do one of these a month for the next 3 months if after that time these appear to be popular I will set up a years schedule for Home Base Events.

Sharing with you soon,

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