Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tutorial ~ Ribbon Folding: Box Fold

Tying ribbon is a tricky and pain staking thing to accomplish. I've spent years practicing and I can only claim to say they don't look "too bad" however, what I have learned to do is to fake it. I have ton's of ways to get the real look of many types of tied ribbons, but doing it in a way that makes it easier as well as having better results.

This ribbon fold is so simple and results in a wonderful look

I call this my Box Fold Ribbon. It is incredibly versatile as you can change out the front element and get a huge variety of looks.

Step One: Begin with a 4" piece of ribbon (any type) Here I used a piece of organdy. Fold it in half holding the two raw ends up and letting the folded loop fall to the bottom.

Step Two: Fold the two raw ends toward you about 1/4" in depth about 2x.

Step Three: This is the trickiest part of this faux ribbon fold. Using two hands makes it much easier to do. Holding the folded raw ends in one hand use the other to bring the loop end up and split in half. You will be opening it up onto itself and then folding the top down onto the split.

*Note: Do not let go of the folded raw ends, you will loose the whole fold.

Step Four: Poke a brad, eyelet or other embellishment through the ribbon centered in the raw edge fold section. This will hold the whole thing together.

Now your Box Folded Ribbon is ready for adhearing to any project.

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