Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008

It is one of those sleepless nights where I'm getting so much accomplished so why stop the progress?

In the newsletter I spoke of a poll we are doing about our 2008 Paper Crafting Resolutions, Goals and Desires. Here it is please take a moment to put in your 2 cents. I'll be sharing the results after the 10th.

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Sherry said...

Well, my GOAL is to become better Organized! I need to start putting labels on everything! Here are just a couple RESOLUTIONS, to complete the albums I have that need one thing or another, a page here, journaling there .. get them done and gone.. also to learn Digital SB'ing, I need to take the fear out of it and jump right in with both feet! My DESIRE is to learn new things and incorporate them in my everyday crafting so that I am continually being challenged and not stuck in a rut!