Monday, February 4, 2008

Web-Group "Stuff"

Just to let you all know about some of the things happening in the Web-Group.

Swaps - All the swaps are now going to be run out of the Web-Group, as it is easier to keep in contact with everyone involved. All swap results will still be posted on the Blog as well as an initial announcement of a new swap. [currently we have two Anything goes ATC swaps going on - one is full and the due date is coming up and the second only has a few spots left available]

Trains - Trains are packages of product that will be mailed from me (home base) out to the first person on the train. You then get to pick product out of the train box and for everything you take it is your responsibility to replace that item with one of your own. Example: The Paperware train leaves home base to the first person on the train (there are 5 people on the train {5 items in the box} the first person receives it and takes 3 items out of the box and replaces those 3 items with 3 paperware items of their own. That person then mails the train box to the next person on the list {which is included on the enclosed address list} and then posts a msg on the Web-Group subject: Paperware Train 1 the msg would then read Paperware Train 1 left stop 1 on {date}. This would then repeat for each person on the list. The last person then emails it back to home base.) [currently we have a paperware train on its route and a Sticker Train and a Bling Train nearly full and ready to go]

Quote Database - A Quote Database has been added to the file section on the Web-Group. It is full of quotes I've been saving over the years. It is available for anyone to download, however if you do save it for yourself you need to add 5 quotes to it and re-save it to the web-Group. This way it is always growing.

RAK Listing - There is a Random Acts of Kindness listing on the Web-Group. This is a list of the groups members and other members can choose to send RAKs to anyone they choose.

ATC Image File - There is an image file that I started for ATC vintage images. Members of the group can take from that file as well as add to it for others to use.

Photo Albums - Each member of the group can create a Photo Album of their own to share photos of their artwork. These albums are open to everyone in the group to use as inspiration.

Links - Each member of the group can add to the links section of the group with their own blogs/websites or other's that they enjoy or use often.

Group Challenges - Each month there will be a new challenge. Sometimes it will be a card sketch, a layout sketch, an ATC sketch challenge, technique challenge or even a stamp set challenge. Every challenge will have a "prize" involved. Every challenge will have a poll for official voting for the winner.

This is just an idea of what the Web-Group has to offer. If you haven't signed up think about it and come check us out. Sign up can be found on the left side of this Blog page.

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