Friday, February 29, 2008

Week in review

This has been a very sad week for my family. Our beloved pet Silly the frog died on Tuesday. This frog has been a very integral part of our family for 3 years. He started as a new froglett in our home in Arizona moved right along with us and out grew his frog habitat quite quickly. We moved him into a 10 gal tank added an algae eater, a heater, a pond filter and some other fish to keep him company. He quickly decided Frog bits weren't as tasty as the fish were. Then he grew some more. Silly started out the size of a nickle and by his passing on Tuesday he had grown to around 3" in diameter. So not only did he live a year past his life span he also out grew the term "small water frog". We initially named all our fish but as they disappeared my kids started to just call them all snack.

Silly was buried in our flower garden.

We bought Silly from Grow a Frog
We learned a ton of information about him from African Clawed Frog

We have many wonderful storeys about Silly. Such as his nightly ritual of singing or his snuggling with Simon (the Algae eater) or even of his playing with the marbles in the bottom of his habitat...but by far I think the best is the night he re-arranged all his "furniture" (tank plants and toys) I swore that frog was human in amphibian form. As you can guess he was named for his antics. There are other wonderful stories from frog owners...many you will be shocked to hear. Check the stories out HERE.

So ode' to the frog who kept a family in laughter for 3 years.

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