Friday, May 2, 2008

Purple Faerie ATC Theme Swap: Technique Round

Created by Deborah Cariker
Technique: Nail Polish

Nail Polish Technique

Supplies Needed

  1. **Well ventilated location to do the technique**
  2. Disposable or reusable tub to hold water. Needs to be larger than the size of your paper.
  3. Finger Nail Polish - at least 3 colors
  4. Paper Towels
  5. Card stock you will be creating the technique onto.

Step One

Fill the tub with warm water

Step Two

Drop a couple of drops of each color of the nail polish into the tub of water.

Step Three

Lay your card stock onto the surface of the water for a couple of seconds. Remove and turn over to let dry.

Note: You can replace the nail polish with many things and get the same effect. Try crushed chalk or liquid oil paint.

Sample of Deborah's Nail Polish Paper

Card Created by Vikki Howard

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Deborah said...

Thank you for posting my atc!