Sunday, August 24, 2008

Artist Trading Card: International Elephant Swap

Elizabeth Mackie our hostess made us these wonderful cards, indicating all who were involved and from where we sent ATC's.

Top to Bottom: Left To Right
Created by: Meg Ashe (USA) "Journey to Maroc", Lorna Sommer (USA), Elizabeth Mackie (Australia) "Celebration", Deirdre Roberts (USA) "Elephant Going", Janet Kirk (Northern Ireland), Laura Carson (USA) "Elegant Elephant", Johanna Ylikippari (Finland), Linda Giese (USA) "Peeking thru the Fronds", Elizabeth Mackie - this was actually an RAK we received "SOS" Melbourne Paperific October 2007 "Change the World"

Rixta Francis (Australia), Cindy Marko (USA), Betsy Hawkins (USA) "Elephant Walk", Elizabeth Mackie "Lucky", Christine Ghezzo (USA) **"Makena", Alison Brandist (England) "Indian Delight"

**This ATC has a photo of Christine's adopted elephant named Makena. For more information on supporting the rescue of orphaned elephants and adopting your own, please visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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