Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chinese Take Out Boxes

I sent out a request for some ideas on how to make Chinese Take Out Boxes and I thought the best way to get the information I got back from a variety of resources would be to post it here on my blog. I got a wonderful bunch of gals who responded to my request to email me back.

The need stemmed from my Daughter wanting her Goodie Bags for her 13th Birthday to look like Chinese Take Out Boxes. Her favorite food is Chinese food!

Here is what I got back:

  1. Hobby Lobby is currently having a 50% off sale and the pre-made version of these are included in this sale ~ Per Betsy Hawkins
  2. Go To: for a 12x12 template ~ per Jackie Kenny
  3. Go To: to purchase pre-made ~ Per Lynn J.
  4. For a mini template Go To: ~ Per Deborah Cariker
  5. To cover existing boxes go to: ~ Per Deborah Cariker
  6. And Mirkwood is a popular site for a template as well: this came from a lot of people.
  7. Here is a blog that shows you how to cover a box in fabric ~ Per SassiMI
  8. Debi Winds sent me a PDF template that she uses it is very similar to the Mirkwood template.

We went with the 12x12 template since my daughter picked out some glittered cardstock to do them in and we have quite a bit of goodies to fill the boxes with. It is a Spa party and we found bon bon fingernail polish, emery boards, make up samples and more to fill them with.

I will share them as we go.

Thank you everyone for all your information!!!

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