Saturday, November 8, 2008

FAT Book: Driven Women

Thank those of you who have commented...aren't they wonderful?....but we aren't done yet...remember 2 theme's for each month for 5 months...we have a lot more to show. So here are some more....

Linda Baldock: Clara Barton

Shannon Horch: "Rosie The Riveter...or is it?" (Front)

Inside Front


Inside Back

Now here is mine...I have to say my biggest disappointment. I was going for the women in Nascar but had troubles pulling off what I envisioned. Not my best work at all.

Roni Johnson: Cleopatra


Kelly Warren: Driving Miss Daisy

Unknown Artist: Eva Peron

Eva Peron (Back)

Dixie: Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall (Back)

Dixie: Gloria Steinhem

Gloria Steinhem (Back)

Crystal Gasque: Harriet Tubman

Andi Sexton: Oprah

Oprah Back

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