Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Challenge within a Challenge....It's a Family Thing

Well I've finally gotten back to some scrapbooking and stamping. It felt so good to dive right in and challenge myself again. Too busy doing housekeeping these days to really enjoy the finer things in life.

Ever so slowly whittling away at my Scrap-A-Mania 500 goal. January sure is coming fast! YIKES will I ever make it?

This last week I took on some web group challenges. The problem is they were both card challenges and I needed to work on scrapbook I improvised a bit. Here is how I handled the challenges and the scrapbooking results. After I share these I'm going to give you all a little history into my family and one of our "Traditions".

The first challenge was given by a web group I'm involved in called Stampers Corner . We had to simply follow a sketch. This is what I created based on the sketch. The pink piece under the white is faux Suede. FUN Technique!

This is how I used the panel in a scrapbook page

(photo of my daughters feet she took on her own at Girlscout Camp...and the tradition continues)

The second challenge came from CTMH Friends Web group I belong to. Again it was a simple sketch challenge.

and this is how I used the panel in a scrapbook page.
(photo of my daughter and mothers feet - Thanksgiving 2006 ~ Girl shoes with Socks [they are so foofy]) what is this "It's a Family Thing" and why all the scrapbook pages of feet?
Well these aren't the only two pages I have nearly 10 pages done just of feet. The photos date back to when I was a little girl and the family tradition developed (not sure exactly how...but I think it happened because of my first photo was off and all I got was every one's feet) to take pictures of every one's feet together. They don't count if its just one person...they have to be a group of two or more people. So these are my pages dedicated to our family photo's of groups of feet. They are fun and I'll have to share more pages with you of my family's feet.

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