Thursday, December 13, 2007

Challenge Team Introduction ~ Sherry Staley

Sherry Staley joins the Challenge Team mer weeks after she and her husband John were married after having been together for 13 years. Between them they have four children and two grand children and call New York home.

Even though she has been very busy with her own life she is excited to join the team as this type of involvement really gets her outside her comfort zone and keeps her work fresh.

Card making is Sherry's passion and she is usually drawn to it instinctively. Most recently she has begun working on small photo booklets to add to her scrapbooking albums. Accolades for Sherry are being on the Primedia Scrapbook panel and EK's Success Consumer Board for the 2008 season (wouldn't we all love this spot)

Go check out Sherry's beautiful work on her blog, Nana's Little Corner or stop by her Webshot Gallery.

Help me welcome Sherry to the team!

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