Monday, December 24, 2007

Gift Card Tag Pockets Continued

Ok so I've gotten in a bunch more suggestions:

Shared by Renee Dudas:

It's not BIG
It's not FULL of glamor
But in the store
GEEZ what a clamor!!!

Shared by Roxanne Furlong:

I know it's not big
I know it's not full of glamour
But when I was at the store
Geez! What a clamor!

Shared by Robin Arnold:

The package may be small
but the love conveyed is not.
After you do your shopping,
come and show me what you got!


It's not the size of the gift,
but the love it holds inside.
Every time I think of you,
my heart swells with pride.

Shared by Cathy in sunny Florida:

I/We could have bought you trinkets and such,but which things? - well that decision was hard.So because I/We love you so very much,I/We got you this (insert Store Here) gift card!

Shared by Stampin' Deb:

No, it's not a toaster or
a make up kit,
but you won't have any trouble
making sure it fits.

Take this magic card
to your favorite store
have fun filling your buggy
with gifts for you galore.

Shared by Sandy Halliburton:

I know it isn't big
but you'll get the gist.
take it to the store
it's like money in your fist!

I'm saving these all for next year when I switch over to doing all gift cards. (I wish) they are so much more fun to wrap.

Here are the last 3 gift cards I had to do. These are for my daughter who is nearly 12 and is soooo very hard to buy for.

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Patsy said...

Great job Nina!! I love all these little poems. I will have to use them next year. Merry Christmas. May you and your family have a wonderful day filled with blessings and love. The big guy in the red suit has been here and we have a Wii. Lots of activity going on. Ho! Ho! Ho!