Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tutorial ~ Stationary Box Gift Set

This will be a two part tutorial. First we will focus on covering the box.

Supplies Needed:
- Non - Hinged top box (7.25"x7.25")

- 4 pieces 12x12 paper (2 cardstock & 2 Background & Texture)

- 65" of ribbon

- 2 big eyelets

- Embellishments of your choice

Step One

Cut all your pieces of paper to the following sizes

Box Top - 10.5"x10.5"

Box Top (Inside) - 7"x7"

Box Bottom (outside strips) - 4"x12" (2.5 pieces)

Box Bottom (inside strips) - 2.75"x12" (2.5 pieces)

Box Bottom (outside) - 6 7/8"x6 7/8"

Box Bottom (inside) - 6.75"x6.75"

Ribbon - cut 2 pieces at 32.5" each

Step Two

Start covering the lid of the box first. I used regular scrapbooking adhesive. Center the lid onto the 10.5" square of paper. If you are using cardstock for your lid adhere lid then score around the lid to make covering easier. Cut your corners for ease of folding. It is important not to have to much paper built up in the corners for ease of re-closing. Finish the lid by adhering the inside piece to the top.

Step Three

Now you are ready to cover the bottom of the box. Start with the outside side pieces. They will overlap the bottom of the box and into the box slightly. I overlapped each piece about 1/2" for good coverage. Next work on adhering the inside side pieces. I again overlapped each piece about 1/2". These pieces will overlap the fold over from the ouside side pieces.

Step Four

Now for the final two pieces. Adhere the bottom ouside piece and bottom inside piece and covering the box is done.

Step Five

Using your crop-a-dile set large eyelets at the farthest setting into one side of your box. This will be the back of your box. I set mine in 1.5" from each side. These you will string your ribbon through for box closure.

Step Six

Fold both your ribbon strips in half (individually). String each through a eyelet opening, outside to inside. On the fold piece inside the box tie into a knot close to the end of the folded end. This will keep your ribbon from pulling out. Put the top onto your box. Split the ribbon, one to the go over the top and one to go under the bottom. They meet in the front to be tied.

Step Seven

The best step ~ Now embellish your box top/sides etc.

Look for the second tutorial where we create the stationary to go inside the box.

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