Friday, January 18, 2008

Inchie Swap Group 2 and Storage

Well ladies lets just say as usual this was a fun fun fun swap. These beauties are just incredible.

Also had to share the storage box that Vincentia shared with us on the stampers corner webgroup.

She wrote "I recently participated in an inchie swap. Didn't know what I was gonna do with the little suckers but they were fun. I had a snowflake embosser that I bought at my local Dollar Tree. It doesn't work very well but I don't feel bad about that because the plastic container that it came in is a perfect size to hold inchies. I am thinking that I will add hinges to the side and a clasp to the other side to make it look like a small acrylic treasure chest -- a treasure chest for my inchies!" another woman shared that she got a similar acrylic "treasure chest" for her inchies at Dollar Tree as well. If anyone finds one keep me in mind ~ wink wink wink ~

If you get a chance go check out Debbie's Die Cuts blog. She is like the inchie guru. Some of these are just stunning.

I'm starting to include inchies in my Paper Candy that I have for sale on my webstore. These are just tooo cute to keep under wraps. They need to be used in projects!!!

When you use yours please share your final project.

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Sherry said...

Nina, where is my Inchie? I was part of the swap too! :( ~Sherry