Friday, January 18, 2008

Texture Mania on a Dime

Do you love working with your texture plates? Do you want more texture but don't want to purchase more plates? Well you don't have to.

This will drive your husband nutz, we'll just call this the bonus plan !

Try snooping around his work area...yes, go open the drawers and look through what he has hidden out there. If you don't have a husband but have an adult male that likes to work with tools that works too. Or you can even take a tour through your local hardware store. Find yourself a nice young man to assist you who knows you can play dumb and sometimes they will let you walk out with nice samples...because you just have to check with your husband and make sure it's the right stuff...and since you are there swing by the flooring department and pick yourself up some of those flooring samples. We'll discuss those at a later date!

Now the fun part. See what you can find. Nearly everything out there has a purpose in YOUR craft room/space/haven/abode!

You would not believe what I've taken over from my husband...and I'm not even talkin' texture here...but that is another Vendor tip day

Here are some ideas on what you will find:
Wire mesh * Netting * Patching Plates * Tile * Sandpaper (of all kinds) * Chicken wire * Trowels with dried on Spackle (cause they didn't clean it and then couldn't bare to throw it away) * Silver HVAC tape * and so much more!

and yes, all of these items will give you some of the most fantastic textures...and some of them can go through your texture machines. (BE CAREFUL though)
This is a roll of sticky mesh fabric. I actually applied it to a project once
This yellow stuff is Fiberglass patch material. A whole roll disappeared out of my husbands workshop. I love to use it with acrylic paints.

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