Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Little Slugger.....the update

Well Quinn did very well in his surgery. The huge adenoids they removed were blocking his nasal passages by about 85% and his ears are still draining and probably will for days. He is not his chipper self but on the mend. I have to tell you how happy Marty (DH) and I were when he went to the potty and flushed the toilet and ran outta the bathroom in a total panic and simply said..."boy that got louder" Outta the mouths of babes. The nurses all said wow you have a brave little man...of course when I walked up to his bedside afterwards the tears and crying started but he was our brave little man and we are so happy to already see improvement. All his sister could say was wow you sound regards to his altered voice (temporary side effect to the surgery) Aren't older sisters great? :)


shauna said...

Hi Nina! I found your blog through Deborah's blog through arttechniques group. So glad to hear your son's surgery went well! It seems like kids mend much more quickly than we do! I'm sure he'll be his usual self in no time! I'm going to check out your website now. I am going to try and find your email addy because I'm trying to start a blog and have a question for you because I love your layout!

Rachele Funk said...

Being right there with you I completely understand! Wyatt hated his medicine so it has been a really rough week! I think today he is feeling better! It's amazing, really, how well they do, though for being so young. Also very glad to know there were no complications!

Karen said...

So glad to hear that your son's surgery went well Nina!! That is just how my DD was when she went through her surgery - she too sounded different for a bit. Good luck with the recovery and give him lots of popsicles/ice cream!! :)