Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ok so this week I received two items in. Besides the emails I've gotten these are the first two items actually sent in for points. Hats off to you both for your participation and auto move into the lead on this Blog Candy AdVeNtUrE!!!

Created by Deborah Cariker of 7 miles up to nothing

Using the new Purple Faerie Java set for extra points is this oh so cute

Box filled with matching 3x3 gift cards. This item got Deborah 10 Points for creating cards and mailing them in, 10 points for using a PF stamp for a total point accumulation of 20 Points.

Created by Babs McNeely

This scan does not do this card justice. It is so very elegant!

Babs will get10 points for mailing in a card.

Congratulations ladies for your instant push to the forefront on this Blog Candy AdVeNtUrE!!! and a huge thank you for your participation.
psst...go to your local wal-mart and get a postcard and mail it to my daughter...that will get you an easy 5 point.....

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