Sunday, August 24, 2008

Purple Faerie Themed ATC Swap Results

It really isn't that we've had a lot of swaps lately just that I'm finally getting around to posting the results of them all. I know how nice it is to see a lot of different artwork to assist in the inspiration of additional artwork. This swap was hosted by Mindy Rapp on the Web-Group and was a themed ATC swap. The themes were Elephants, Coffee, an Open Theme and Fashion.

Top left to right down - Created by (theme):Betsy Hawkins (open theme using sparkle paper), Deborah Cariker (Coffee theme), Mindy Rapp (Elephant), Mindy Rapp (Coffee), Mindy Rapp (Coffee), Stephanie Povey (Open), Mindy Rapp (Fashion), Bela White (Open), Bela White (Open)

Roni Johnson (Fashion), Mindy Rapp (Fashion), Roni Johnson (open), Deborah Cariker (Fashion), Mindy Rapp (Fashion), Deborah Cariker (Open), Stephanie Povey (Coffee) *note if you can't read the text at the bottom is says "Hand Stamped under influence of coffee" Made me laugh, Roni Johnson (Coffee)
Ok so you've seen my Coffee submission to this swap...but I was also in the Elephant I had sooooo much fun with this one. What is so cool is that I got to use an inchie on these ATC's from a previous PF Inchie Swap...soooo cool. My hopes are to then use the ATC on a card. We will see if I ever get to it though. I will post it in a few with additional info on this ATC.

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