Sunday, November 9, 2008

FAT Book: Independent Women

Roni Johnson: Queen Elizabeth the II (Front Page)
When you flip the page over you see this panel and it is 1/2" shorter than the one behind and it is hinged on the left side. When you open it up it revels...

This page on the left

and this page on the right.
Shannon Horch: Wonder Woman

Back of page

Shannon Horch: Helen Keller

Back of page

Nina Perrin: Shady Ladies (Women of the Bordellos)
Caption reads: Considered by most to be sinful, these women choose survival and were proud, rugged and Independent!

Linda Baldock: Amelia Earheart

Kelly Warren: Amelia Earhart

Crystal Gasque: Biker Women
Caption on back reads: A woman is like a tea-bag; you don't know how strong she is until she's in hot water.

Dixie: Charlies Angels 1976

Back of page: Charlies Angels 2000

Crystal Gasque: Working Women

Andi Sexton: Susan B. Anthony

Back of Page

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