Sunday, November 9, 2008

FAT Book: Cowgirls

Nina Perrin: Lillian Riggs
This is a three panel accordion fold out page. I covered it in sandpaper for the background used hemp for the word Cowgirl and adhering the vellum to the background.

Nina Perrin: Inside fold out tells a brief story about Lillian Riggs

Roni Johnson: Calamity Jane

Roni Johnson Back

Shannon Horch

Shannon Horch: Shannon Horch (lol) back

Phinny: Montana Molly

Tag Front

Tag Back

Phinny: Montana Molly
Technique used: Bandanna (go to Technique Junkies for more information on this technique)

Karen Ladd: Emmylou Harris


Linda Baldock: Betty Hutton

Kelly Warren: Cowgirls

Dixie: Cowgirls

Andi Sexton: Cowgirl Attitude

Crystal Gasque: Wild West

1 comment:

Karen L said...

Oh Nina,
Thanks so much for posting all these pages! I haven't gotten mine back yet and I only did 5 themes so won't get to see all of them. What a GREAT sneak peak..I can't wait to see them all in person. These are even BETTER than I expected, WOW!