Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tutorial: Paper Folding Tag Flowers

  1. (8) 1" to 1.5" tags all the same color and size cut from duo tone paper
  2. (1) button
  3. adhesive of your choice
Step One
With one of your tags top facing left on your work surface, fold the bottom right corner to the top edge.

Example after Fold

Step Two
Fold that same corner back down with bottom edge parallel to the new bottom edge

Repeat step Two until all 8 tags are folded.
*NOTE: always have the tags facing the same direction when you begin to fold. This ensures your flower inner petals will always be facing the correct direction.

Step Three
Lay your folded tags (flower petals) out next to each other with the inner point facing into the center and the top edges parallel with the previous petal.

You now have your flower

Step Four
Adhere your button into the center of your flower.

Walla you have created a Paper Folded Tag Flower
**All tags were cut by Verna Grant from the Yahoo Group Scrapbooking Place

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