Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Convoluted Project

I titled this Convoluted Project because it is like a snow ball heading down hill. I signed up for this Coffee Card Swap nearly 6 months ago and in my fear that I will forget I keep double checking the calendar so I know when I need to get started on it. It is a card swap on the Cuttlebug Card Exchange Yahoo Group, so it has to have some kind of Cuttlebug'ease done to it.

Now I've been thinking about what I'd do for it and cut down a bunch of 5.5x4.25 panels and embossed them as you see here. Some are done in Chocolate and some in Vanilla Cream (both CTMH papers) I set them aside and decided to come back to it.

Time passed and then my new toy arrived (QuiKutz Silhouette) promptly named "My Big Baby" and I dinker'ed around with it for a week and found a hot coco cup complete with froth steam and a spoon. So it took me a few days to alter the cut to be as you see on the front of this card. It was a great opportunity to play with it and learn about altering pre-existing cuts.

Time passed and during that time I entered a blog candy opportunity to win some Card Scents from Scent My Cards. Lo' n' Behold I WON! - - I NEVER win anything. I decided to pick my favorite thing to smell which is Coffee. So this arrived yesterday and I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the roller ball applicator...what a brilliant move that was. The smell is to die for and should be called "for the LOVE of Java". This morning around 8am I rolled on the back of the coffee cups (between the layers) one swipe of my "Scent My Cards" (only did 3 cards so far and have 8 total I can make) at 7pm when my hubby came home he walked in and said "mmmm, did you brew a pot of coffee at this hour?"

So now I have a card to go for the swap, a card to send to Cindy at Scent My Cards as a Thank You for the opportunity to win this YUMMY addition, Cards to add to my Stash Bash Challenge and a GREAT Smelling Craft room!

So this is the first Version of this card. I have a total of 8 cards and I'm doing 2 of each Version. I will share them with you and I get them done. This is mounted on a white card base with a 1/4" white border left all around. Here it just blends into the background. I used the Cuttlebug Embossing folder for the background. The Coffee Mug was not altered at all and is a die cut from my "Big Baby" The inside of the Mug is adapted from the froth cut for inside the cup of hot coco. There are no changes in the steam other than I adhered it facing the right because to the left it looked like a ? mark to me. I found a Scalloped circle cut that had 4 nesting's and I simply sized this one to fit exactly behind the mug to better distinguish between the background and the inside of the mug (see I did these separate from each other so they I didn't have the for site to make them different colors)

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Deborah said...

Is the embossing folder Floral Fantasy? Not sure. Ummmm I love this cards and I want one! LOL
I am glad you are blogging again!

We need to have a Blog Hop!