Sunday, April 27, 2008

Purple Faerie ATC Theme Swap: Time Round

I was incredibly impressed with the variety and sheer uniqueness of every one's ATC's for this round. Not a single duplicate, nothing at all typical nor repeated. I had so many questions about this round come in when I opened the swap and I refused to be specific or even to put any limitations on anyone...boy am I glad I kept my mouth shut. Simply incredible ladies!

Wendy used an Acrylic clear dimensional piece for the clock face.

The clock image on Deborah's ATC is embossed.

Denise used actual thread in her needle and it isn't glued down so it moves freely.

Geri used actual watch works on each of her ATC's and different vintage images.

Now how totally "different" is this. Imagine taking time to relax and reflect? Awesome Linda!

Cracked Glass technique - Nina Perrin

Simple? Not at all To Everything There is a Season...well go ahead pull the ATC outta its sleeve and open it up and guess what you have.

Well get busy now you have no reason not to take the time to plant! Awesome job Stephanie!

Allie I have to say I love the buttons to me these are like faux time works...again incredibly simple yet creative!

Betsy and I may have had a similar techniques but that was about it. Combined here with the Watercolor Distress technique, Betsy puts a whole new twist on the Time Theme. Incredible job!

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